Saturday, March 17, 2012

God's Provisions

For the last 17 1/2 years, "Mr. Cartwright" and I have experienced amazing provisions from the Lord. So many times I could kick myself as I acknowledge my lack of trust.

Since "Hoss" left and went to Agape Boarding School, finances have been even more unsteady. My faith has failed so often. But I praise my Savior that His provisions do not depend on my faith. It surely is unmerited favor and unbelievable grace.

Since the time the "Cartwrights" started their lives together, we have kept a journal of some sort for our family to remind us these truths. This list started with the gifts of salvation given to us. The first three years of our marriage were blessed by the following:

1978- "Mrs. Cartwright’s" conversion
1989- 2 mystery men (providential messengers)
1990-"Mr. Cartwright's" conversion
1991- Lord delivers "Mr. Cartwright" from death
1993- Delivered from serious injury in red Nissan accident
1993,94,96- Faithfulness and lovingkindness in  "Mrs. Cartwright’s" surgeries (back, endometriosis)
1993- The "Cartwright's" meet
1994- Wedding of the "Cartwright's"
1994- Comfort through  "Mrs. Cartwright’s" miscarriage
1995- Stung by wasp and delivered from death
1996- Delivered from death in auto accident
1996- Received down payment for first house from fellow believer (3,000)
1996- Received anonymous 500.00 to help out with Christmas
1997- Provision for "Hoss'" adoption (10,000)
1997- "Hoss'" adoption
1997- Faithfulness in  "Mrs. Cartwright’s" hysterectomy
1998- Failed adoption gave opportunity for gospel presentation
1998- "Hoss" delivered from death after taking pills
1998- Grant of 3,900 for exact amount of "Little Joe's" adoption
1998- "Little Joe's"adoption
1999- Purchase of Dodge Caravan
2000- "Marie’s" adoption

This is just a sample. God's Faithfulness and Mighty Acts of Provision is an ongoing list. When my faith fails, I pull this out and get down on my knees in repentance and submission. My Master confounds me. I am thankful.

This week we were able to add to this list. We were notified by the Athletic director for our homeschool group, FISH, that an anonymous donor paid for "Little Joe's" basketball season. Praise Him!

Amidst an emotional week concerning my mommy's heart and loving my son from afar, God provided through "Grandpa Cartwright" for David to take a trip to see "Hoss" in April as well as extra spending money. Dad and son will be able to have two and one-half days to themselves to talk and enjoy their time. We are, again, awed, and brought to our knees in thankfulness.

Most of all, I want my children to see my faith at work. I want them to "see" what the Lord has done for us. 
He is Mighty. 

Mighty to Save.


Small Town Joy: said...

Praise God for his provision! I love to hear these stories!

Treasures Evermore said...

Praising God with you....I sure need to journal mine as well.

Praying for Hoss and family.

BARBIE said...

It's so good for the heart to reflect on all that He's already done. Nothing like the power of a testimony to keep you pursue what you've been waiting for.

Anonymous said...

Such great blessings and great news! So thankful!
Love you,