Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July ~ Missouri Style

"Mr. Cartwright" and "Little Joe" surprised "Hoss" this weekend.
And, boy, was he surprised. Agape Boys' Ranch had a big day planned for the boys and families that were visiting. "Little Joe" has had a hard time lately, missing his big brother...and I mean BIG!!! Looking at these pictures it is amazing that there is only 16 months between them. "Hoss" just keeps growing and growing....remember he is only 13 years old. God continues to work in his life and we are so thankful for that.

"Hoss" was able to participate in the first 2010 rodeo event at Agape. He is the boy with the orange bandana on . This was the chute dogging event. He was able to grab the steer by the head and hold him eventually so the other boys on his team could grab the tag on his tail.

Brothers together again...just for a day...

Dad and son....forever....bound by ties that will never break.

The fireworks display was one of professional quality. The show lasted for about 45 minutes and the grand finale was truly grand. This was the first time in 10 months that "Hoss" was able to see the moon and the night sky.


Clay in His Hands said...

Praise GOD from Whom all blessings flow!!!!! What a sweet answer to our prayers!

Stacey said...

That must have been a wonderful time for everyone. What a blessing to have such a close-knit and loving family. And to know that God is watching over all!