Monday, February 1, 2010

The Great Giver

Have you ever stop to think, "Do I deserve all this?"

We are a blessed people. Blessed by our Creator who has lavished on us abundantly.

~There are loved ones visiting. Gran and Boompa are staying for two and a half weeks...yipee!

~ Porcupine bristles (the name my wee one gave to the 4 o'clock shadow on Mr. Cartwright's face)...although we like it better when its smooth

~ Ability to consume raw milk....legally.

~ Those intimate times with my "Marie" when she opens up her deepest heart secrets....from those depths comes questions like, "Mama, did my birth mother love me?" My darling daughter, the answer is a resounding yes. Even though your birth circumstances were less than comfortable, there was another alternative, and praise God, she didn't choose it.

~ 4 Women who chose life over death....allowing me to me a Mommy.

~ Brother Lenz, Brother Jackson, Ma'am, Brother Wilkie, Brother Trainer, and all the other staff that are ministering to my Almost Man

~ Jesus, the name that brings healing and restitution

~ Tears that cleanse the body, soul, and spirit

~ The Worship Fellowship where I find my kindred spirits

holy experience

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

Oh, her sad sweet little comment. I'm sure your heart skips a beat every time she says something like that.
I found you through (in)courage. :)