Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Oh, Brother


This is a relationship that can exist throughout one's life, from age 1 to 101.

Brothers Are Forever
by Alex Romero
Brothers share a special bond,
Like blood, brotherhood,
It’s thicker than water.
Friends may come and go,
And relationships may drift apart,
But brothers are forever.
Though the sun may rise in the east,
And set in the west,
We will still be brothers.
Though the seasons may change,
Spring, summer, fall and winter;
We will still be brothers.
What God has ordained,
No man can change,
Brothers are forever.

The brothers at the Ponderosa are apart right now; my littlest man misses his big brother greatly.

Please pray for "Little Joe's" heart to heal.

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Stacey said...

I am captivated by your blog, and I will place your family and Hoss in my prayers. God does amazing things in a family whose hearts belong to Him. Stay strong in your faith. May God supply all your needs and richly bless you and your darling children.
In Him,
Stacey <><