Saturday, August 29, 2009

Praying for "Hoss"

I have debated and debated whether I would be specific about our trial we are going through. And I have decided that it would serve the purpose of allowing others to pray ,as well as, being transparent and allowing God to use this in our lives to "comfort others with the comfort we have received". The longer we are in this trial the more I am certain that there are many other adoptive families who experience this same thing without much notice after having a child for many years in the home; even after adopting from a very young age.

Our oldest son, "Hoss", is exhibiting a rebellion that stems from sin, deep rooted hurts and emotional pain. After a very speedy spiraling down, we have placed him in a Christian boys' ranch in another state.

Here are a few things we are praying for. We would love for you to join us in this endeavor. We are confident in what Christ is doing in this situation, though, it is the most painful thing we have ever and will ever experience. It slams pain in the soul that I never knew existed.

Please pray that Jesus Christ would:
-open "Hoss'" eyes to his sin and Christ's holiness.
-heal the pain in the lives of "Little Joe", "Inger" and "Marie".
-heal the pain in "Mr. and Mrs. Cartwright's" hearts.
-reveal to "Hoss" the amazing grace and peace that can come from Christ.
-break "Hoss" heart and then put it back together again.
-keep "Hoss" safe and healthy while away.
-bring an older mentor into "Hoss" life at the Ranch.

Please pray that "Hoss" would:
-give his life to Christ and fully surrender.
-accomplish his studies to the best of his ability.
-open up to a mentor while he is away.
-deal with his emotional pain and hurts.
-repent of his previous actions that have hurt his family.
-get down on his knees and cry out to God.
-truly realize Christ is the answer for all the hurt he is experiencing.

Thank you for lifting us up in prayer. The body of Christ is an amazing thing. We are Christ' hands and feet in action.


Robin said...

love to you always. it is good to be vulnerable and transparent. it will be healing to you and hope for God's working through others prayers. definitely am praying!

Anonymous said...

My dear sis - as I read your blog post from today and the other day, I am crying.....yet again. Over your heaviness of heart which has transferred to my heart as well. I long to see all of those things you listed accomplished in Josh's life and you know I will be lifting him up daily to our Father who can perform miracles and work all things together for good. Love you so much, Jen

Heather of S-A-M said...

Alrighty mama... Let's claim it:

Thank You Abba, Thank You Abba, Thank You Abba...

Thank You Abba for Hoss letting go of the hurt in his little heart from the world because he has come to know that You are the Great Comforter!

Thank You Abba for Hoss finding a 'Timothy & a Paul' while he's away who will mentor and also walk the road to healing with Him.

Thank You Abba for Hoss coming to the realization that His sins are forgiven because of Your great love for him!

Thank You Abba for the relationship that you and Hoss are working on at this very moment in the deepest parts of him.

Thank You Abba that Hoss' coming/manifesting awareness of Your love (grace & mercy) is going to rock his young word in such a way that a fire for You is gonna start burning.

We just ask you Lord to fan that flame in his heart for the things of You.

We praise you for the brewing testimony Hoss has that we know is for your greatest glory and the exaltation of Your sweet Son's sacrifice.

Now just start visualizing the change. Sit down and maybe write out a love letter saying to Hoss the things that you are trusting/ believing the Lord for so you can give it to him some day in the future. An as my sweet Jamaican sister in Christ says, "Tell that dirty dog of a satan to let loose your baby!" Shew him right out the door!

God is faithful! I was a wayward myself at one point. He brought me full circle too.

Believing for you girl!

The Mouth of the Moose

Shaunta' said...

I read your comment on Noel Piper's blog. I hope that she will be able to give you some encouragement. The Piper's saw God do some wonderful things in their son, Abraham's life. Our God is faithful...He has not left you. I trust that He is walking with you through the fire and will give you grace for each moment. When I am suffering, I love reading 1 Pet. 1. I pray that you will find comfort in His Word.

Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience said...

I pray with you, sweet friend, and for your fine young Hoss....

All's grace,