Friday, January 2, 2015

A Messy Love Story

There is a war being waged against marriages these days. The war of fidelity is the most difficult as our culture screams tolerance to all forms of sexual sin!

My latest book review takes on this subject. Before I read The Song, I had heard about the movie. It sounded riveting! The Song, written by Chris Fabry, is a beautiful love story following two young people who have been dealt lives of hardship before they met. They meet in a magical way, but once Jed King's music career takes off, they are left with a fractured relationship. 

Chris Fabry does a great job showing the reader what can happen when you don't put Christ first in a marriage. It is so easy to get wrapped up in the new life you have made and the busyness of that life. Children come. Boredom can set in. Life can become monotonous. And there the trap is set.

Mr. Fabry reminds us that marriage is a covenant. He also shows how with the Lord, strong love, and forgiveness one can make it through any storm that comes their way.

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