Saturday, December 27, 2014

Book Review - A Very Fine House

Being in the midst of a home of three teens and having hit some difficult years I chose a memoir for my next book review.

A Very Fine House, written by Barbara Cofer Stoefen, is a heart wrenching story of a mother and daughter's relationship through the addiction battle. She writes very candidly yet compassionately. The battle is truly felt as you read through the pages of a hurting mother. She profoundly moves through fear and anger to compassion and love. It is a beautiful testimony to how strong the family bonds are no matter what comes your way. A mother simply cannot stop loving and fighting for her children.

Having gone through a very rocky road with one of my own, I felt her pain, yet was a little discouraged by the few times the Lord was brought up. I know from experience, I would not have made it without Christ and Him being my rock. "Faith" is a very subjective word. I would love to have a sit down with Mr. Stoefen and unwrap that a tad bit more.

In light of that, I was encouraged to persevere in my own mother/child relationships. And I want to remember this profound quote: "Those who might judge the disasters of others may not yet have had their own." Very true. Very true indeed.

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