Thursday, August 21, 2014

One Year of Grace

The call that changed our lives came one year ago this month. Someone came back to the Ponderosa one year ago today. Many people had been praying.

God chose to allow us to travel down another road of deep valleys without many mountain tops. Today a year ago, I did not know what tomorrow would hold. I was stunned by fear and anxiety.  But His grace was with us through this valley just like it is when all goes well. He is always with us. I can truly say I would never have changed the last year. A relationship was renewed that I thought would never happen. Our family is back together. I'm homeschooling all of my four children. God has changed me so much...especially my endurance of being flexible. :)

So as I think back over the last year, I am so grateful. I think how if it were not for the grace of God at every turn, things would be drastically different. I am homeschooling "Hoss" for his senior year. He even gets to play tackle football on the same team as his cousin and brother. This is an added blessing. I think over how things should have and could have been different. Yet, our Lord had better plans.

My dear son, I am so thankful you are home. You came home under very dire circumstances, but, oh, how happy I am you are here.  You have grown and matured in this last year. You have choices that are ahead of you that will determine much of your future. You have just a few months before you turn 18, and my prayer is that you will find peace. Perfect Peace. In Him Alone.                                                                                                                            I love you!