Thursday, July 31, 2014

Aging and Remembering

There are many days, I forget that I am aging. Not physically, mind you. (The aches and stiffness greets me each morning.) But mentally, I still feel like I am in my twenties. Except on the days when I walk into my children's rooms and forget what I went in there to say. But, for the most part, I see twenty-somethings and lump myself in their age group.

I meet my old youth group leader in a doctor's office and realize it has been 20 something years since I've seen him.

I tell someone I used to babysit their soccer coach...who has graduated college.

I see all the other "kids" I used to babysit and hear about their "kids".

Then I feel it.

In one week I will start my 13th year of home schooling. I will begin to graduate my after the other for 3 years, except for my youngest who will be an only child after that time. :) I look back on God's goodness. Oh, how he has been good.

The Puebla Ponderosa has been through so much, just like your family, I'm sure. Deaths, births (adoptions), hurts, anger, failed adoptions, rebellions, tears, and, most of all love. But I know one thing. As I start this next school year, I want to exemplify Jesus more and more. I want to be a good listener. I want to have my children's hearts. I don't want them to be standard-keepers. I want them to be Jesus-lovers.

So to my knees I go again. I will stay there.

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BARBIE said...

He has been faithful to you, and will continue to be faithful.