Wednesday, July 2, 2014

No Place to Hide

I am not one to typically like to read a military book or watch a movie based on military events, but when I read the bio of Dr. Warren, I was intrigued.

Dr. Lee Warren served for 180 days in Iraq as a brain surgeon. His story is raw, real and incredible. He finds himself in the middle of the mortars, gunfire and violence. While taking in all that happens around him, I stand amazed at how each person who worked along side him and other doctors as well were used during this critical time in history. My eyes often fill with tears when I think of our soldiers out there fighting for our freedom as well as others. I now have a new respect for those civilians as well. He not only treated our soldiers, but all men, women, and children who needed help. Although there were gruesome details that I normally can't stomach, I read in utter amazement in how God used this in this mere man's life. I also have a new respect for those who come home after seeing all that takes place on the battle field.

I was also greatly challenged with loving those most unlovable, namely my enemies.

You will be challenged as well.

Read it and be inspired!

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