Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Horrible Nuisances

We love nature here on the Ponderosa. We love having bird feeders, water feeders, and have seen a large variety of birds. We often have wrens make nests in our tree fort, garage and plants on the front porch.

But no matter how much we love them, we hate the other creatures that the seed draws here.


We have tried baffles, airsoft guns, etc. And now our birdfeeders stay empty. Birdseed is expensive and they empty the feeders in one day.

And now, I can't even keep the chicken coop open during the day because they find their way in to eat the chicken food. Maybe our resident pet whisperer can train her beloved hens to chase and peck them. Any other ideas? I'd love them.

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Sun Valley Homestead said...

I'm with you. They can destroy a lot stuff very quickly. And our dog is getting old and doesn't even both with they roam free. LOL.