Thursday, July 3, 2014

Big Red and Cover Girl

The girls and I took a little trip to Tennessee this last week to visit with my sister and her family and Dad and Lindi. We had such a great time and made some awesome memories. 

We went to the local Pigeon Forge pool.

 We were given complimentary tickets to Dollywood's Splash Country.

 We drove the Cade's Cove Loop and attempted to have a bbq picnic, but we were rained out.

 Each time we visit there is a "first without mom" memory too. As we drove through Cade's Cove, I realized the last time I was there I took mom while she was sick on Chemo. She slept most of the way, but at one stop we got out and sat in the chairs we had brought. I read Psalms to her. As we passed that meadow on this visit I could see her sitting there.

I can't believe it has been 4 years since mom has gone home to be with the Lord. Time flies. Children grow. Time just changes things. But some things never change. 

Like the smell of Big Red gum and Cover Girl Face Powder. These are the smells that my sister and I were reminiscing about. Mom's purse always carried these two essential things. I can still hear her laugh and see her crazy ways. My sister embodies many of them. Ha! So many of her mannerisms are moms. This made me happy.

After mom left us, my sister planted a tree and had a plaque made that still sits in her front yard.

 I've said this before, but I am so thankful for the legacy my mom left.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful post Sarah! Loved seeing the pictures and loved that you and the girls got to visit your family in Tennessee. Reading about the time that you and your mom were sitting in your chairs as you read Psalms to her really moved me. What a beautiful sight of 2 of my most precious forever friends! You, like Jenny, embody so much of your mom. I see it all the time. I hear it in your laugh and in so many other ways. I'm so glad that you and Jenny had this time together. What a wonderful blessing to have a sister to share all of the memories with. I love you girls dearly, and your girls dearly. Generations of love - such a gift! Patty