Tuesday, May 13, 2014

We Said Yes!

To What you may ask?

Well, this past year both of my boys got tattoos.

I can hear the gasp now! What? How could you? What kind of a mother are you to not only allow for this but sign underage consent as well?

Well, let me tell you.

I am a mother who has learned the external does NOT always reveal the heart.

I am a mother who has floundered in this thing called parenting. So may of us raise our kids and think when they are young that if we just do things right, all will be well and we will have these well-mannered, clean-cut children.

I am a mother who NOW knows that the above statement ISN'T true.

I am a mother that has learned much grace; both in receiving and giving it.

I am a mother who instead of being embarrassed watching my boys stand up at the HOME SCHOOL awards banquet with tattoos (and earrings) was immensely proud. That's a work that only the Spirit of God can do.

I am a mother who has learned that rules are a shaping factor in our children's lives, but so is grace...maybe even more so.

"Hoss" chose to put the word respect on his right upper arm. Here's why: "It's just a little reminder for me to respect  the people that have made choices in the past that have affected me, whether I liked it or not, things happened, but I was in their best interest."

"Little Joe" added 11Six to his left lower arm. This signifies Romans 1:16 - "I am not ashamed of the Gospel; for it is the power of God unto salvation."

So there you have it...we aren't the "cookie cutter" family anymore and for this I am grateful! I would never change a thing.

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Lisa notes... said...

Love, love this. What a wonderful mom you are to trade in the rules for grace. Your boys' tattoos sound inspirational. You inspire me too.