Thursday, May 15, 2014

It's over!

And there is much rejoicing on the Ponderosa!

"Hoss" has finished an important task in his life.

Probation hasn't always been a word that I have been accustomed to speaking, but I have learned over the last year how to say it without reservation.

My boy-man has worked hard and received a letter today notifying him that his time is done!

There were many days in the last year when I didn't know the events for the next day, let alone the next minute. These were days of learning to trust in the Lord in a deeper way than I ever have. And along the way, the Lord brought men into my son's life whom he could not only do community service hours with, but who mentored him and brought some clarity in life issues; most importantly, his relationship with the Lord.

So, this weekend after we celebrate many graduations of great friends, we will be celebrating with our family.

Just for a different reason.

One that seemed too far from reality, but was so close to home.

One that God's hand was part of; from beginning to end.

Thank you, Jesus for beginning the work and completing it in us.

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BARBIE said...

Rejoicing with you! Good job Hoss!