Saturday, May 10, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

Many years ago, I longed for children and was incredibly depressed on Mother's Day. Many days "Mr. Cartwright" and I would steal away to the beach to just reflect together and grieve.

Today I give thanks for my four precious gifts that God has given me. He fashioned them inside 4 different wombs and placed them in my heart. I know the hearts that belong to the wombs grieve today too. Every day I pray that those "other" mothers would receive healing that only Christ can give.

Even though my womb was never stretched and used in the way God fashioned, my labor was is intense. You see, when adoption is part of your story, labor lasts for 18 years, not 8 hours. The hearts that bore these precious lambs, ache.

But praise God, He is the healer all of these broken hearts.

After all, He is an adoptive Father and knows the journey His adoptive children often flounder on.

So today, my heart is full of thankfulness.

Thankfulness for grace to go through all trials in life.
Thankfulness for four women who willingly or under duress allowed me to become a mama.
Thankfulness for my four love gifts. Two beautiful girls and two amazing boy-men.
Thankfulness for "Mr. Cartwright", who was open and willing to become a colorful family.

I am so incredible thankful for my mama too. Though she is resting in Jesus' arms, He gave me 37 years with her, and it is because of her love for Jesus that I had the direction, parenting and training that I did as a little girl. (Dad, thanks for loving her too.) I sure do miss her.

My heart is just full!

May yours be also.

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Anonymous said...

Another beautiful blog sis. You are so eloquent. Love you. Happy Mother's Day!!!!