Monday, May 26, 2014

For the Love of God

Our pastor has been teaching through the book of Hebrews on Sunday mornings and how encouraging it has been. The whole subject of our Great High Priest and what that entails and is defined as is utterly amazing. He ended with this quote:

"Don't let your circumstances define God's love. Let God's love define your circumstances."

Dwell on that a minute....

He, as my Sovereign Creator, knows what is best. He orchestrates everything for my good and His glory. His love is so vast and immeasurable. It is so easy to see my "crappy" (sorry for the expletive) circumstances and question His love.

"Why?" "If You loved me, You would...."

Instead, I need to be trusting in His matchless love and grace. Trusting that He knows the future and is pleased to grow me to be more like Him. I know that without tough circumstances I would be so dependent on myself and my agenda. Boy, my pride would be through the roof, and my love for others would be so conditional.

So, as my stomach churns (for my big boy-men our struggling immensely) I bow my head and heart to trust in the never-failing love of my Creator.

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