Friday, March 1, 2013


Just a couple more days and "Hoss" will be back in the area. Many emotions are running through our minds, but the most important: trust. Oh, yes, the anxiety comes and goes, but we are striving to continually go back to the Word and the truth of who God is.

Agape Boarding School as just put out their most recent newsletter and our family is featured there. What an awesome opportunity to praise God for His amazing provisions over the last three years.

Here it is!

Another fabulous thing God has done in the last two weeks is to send other parents just starting this journey of far off love for their boys that are now residing at the place my boy has been for three years. Their hearts are torn and hurting. My heart hurts to hear them, yet I am so confident in what God has done in our lives, I can give them hope in the cross and in our Savior. This has helped so much to calm my fears and AGAIN!!! go back to the truth I know. Thanks for your prayers friends.


Dianne said...

Hey dear friend, praying for your family and for restoration to the fullest extent.

Anonymous said...

Such a powerful song, powerful words to hold on to. When I saw the little girl in Jesus's arms at the end of the video I thought of you Sarah - and how He's always held you in his arms - you, your precious husband and all 4 of your precious children. Love you dear friend. Patty

BARBIE said...

I am praying for you my friend. I know God is able to bring complete healing and restoration. Beautiful article on your family too!

Sun Valley Homestead said...

I'm back to blogging and so glad to check in with you. Will be reading your past posts and catching up.

Will be praying for Hoss as there seems to be major changes happening in all your lives.

Sending hugs your way,