Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Wall of Prayer

I have an idea.

And I would love your help.

The Puebla Ponderosa knows there are many people out there who have been praying for "Hoss". For God to do a work of redemption, forgiveness and reconciliation. Right now this seems like an impossibility, but I know our God is a God of miracles. I struggle with unbelief. So to help my unbelief, I am asking that any of you who have been praying to please send me a letter or prayer to "Hoss" that I can post on a wall in our home and eventually put in a book for him to have in the future. I want him to see with his own eyes the testimony and prayers of others and how God acted. 

I don't presume that things will go better from here on out. In fact, we are experiencing much more fracture in our relationship as of late, but as Charles Spurgeon says, "Never give up praying, even when Satan suggests that prayer is in vain....If the heavens are brass and your prayer only echoes above your head, pray on!If month after month your prayer appears to be miscarried, if you have had no answer, continue to draw close to the Lord. Do not abandon the mercy seat for any reason. If it is a good thing that you have been asking for, and  if you are sure that it is according to the divine will, wait, tarry, pray, weep, plead, wrestle, and agonize until you get what you are praying for." - Beside Still Waters, pg.242

This is our prayer. If you would like to be part of this, please email us anything from a letter to "Hoss" or a prayer for him to

How exciting to envision us being able to present a book to him one day full of testimonies, prayers and encouragement by people he may never meet.

Let's storm the gates of heaven!


Anonymous said...

Great idea Sarah - will do.
Love, Patty

Treasures Evermore said...

Count me in...awesome idea.

Will be praying for the exact words God wants me to pray.