Sunday, May 13, 2012

Miraculous Movements - Book Review

A transformed life. A radically transformed life.

It was a thrill to read Jerry Trousdale's book, Miraculous Movements. The entire book is a testimony to the changing of a soul from the darkest, most evil heart to a loving, caring human. Only God's grace can do this. But more than just a testimony, this book chronicles the church planting movement in Muslim Africa. The goal of these church planters are not to bring in a certain number, but to teach and equip these converts to study God's Word for themselves. That's where the amazing changing Power of Christ is seen.

Those of us in America, have a tendency to judge Muslims more harshly since 9/11. But, Mr. Trousdale helps us to see the truth behind the lost people group they are. God is doing amazing things in Africa. He is using amazing means to bring about true redemption in the hearts of the Muslim people and leaders. While helping us to view this revival, he also weaves throughout the book helpful Biblical tips as to how and why Christians have been able to reach this people group. The key is LIVING a transformed life, not just preaching it. This is a message the church abroad should heed.

The next time I see a Muslim, I will think differently than I have in the past. They are a needy people. Needy for Christ. They are hurting just like all people who don't have a Savior.

I received a free copy of this book as part of the Booksneeze Blog Network.