Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Obligation or Privilege?

Quiet time. Devotions. Time with God. All these phrases describe what some would call part of their routine.  Yet, routine is just what it becomes. Or even the magic bullet to a great day. Quiet time=item checked off on the to-do list.

I Samuel 4 is a story of the Israelites going against the Philistines in war. They choose to take the Ark of the Covenant to help them win, using it as a good luck charm instead of realizing it represents the Presence of Almighty God. End of story? They lose the battle and in the end, the Philistines capture the Ark. 

As I read through this story, I realized that my Bible and time with the Lord becomes somewhat like this. Do I realize as I go to His Word that this precious book contains His Word? That He is speaking to Me? That the Magnificent Creator is speaking to me?

It is not just the next thing to do. It is not just a simple equation of do this, than this will happen. It is a precious opportunity to hear from my Father and enjoy His presence and learn to live out His will.

So, the next time you sit down to have time with the Lord, be quiet before Him. Bask in His presence. He is with you. He is real.

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BARBIE said...

Thank you for this beautiful reminder that God desires to speak to me through His word!