Monday, January 16, 2012

Through the Eyes of a Special Five Year Old

Sundays are always a great time for friends and fellowship after church. I grew up with hospitality always being shown on Sundays. So, yesterday we had some friends over to catch up. Their five year old is my littlest's best friend.

There are so many times children speak profoundly when not even knowing it. Yesterday was one of those times.

As I was tying this little one's shoe, he noticed I had two pictures up on my wall that are remarkably similar. Curiously, I probed his little mind to see if he would notice the differences. So, I asked him what he saw that was different.

"The bowls are different colors."

I asked again...and again...and again.

"The Bibles are different colors."
"The bread looks different."
"The bowls are not the same."
"The man's shirt is a different color."
"Their beard's are different."

The only left to do was hug this precious boy who is being raised color blind.

If only the world viewed men through these lenses.

Thank you, little Will, for your precious heart.


Small Town Joy: said...

That was a sweet sweet story. My Mama had that picture over our dining room table for all of my growing up time. I have never seen one with an African American man. I love it.

BARBIE said...


Raven LaNell said...

I Love This. It's funny because I was still trying to find the difference and didn't notice the color difference until you wrote it.