Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Complete Surrender

As I am reading through Surrender, by Nancy Leigh DeMoss, I am struck by the fact that my heart fights against this.

I am prone to anxiety. I am, at times, racked with worry. I have not surrendered my son completely.

I must.

Nancy quotes a poem by Ann Blocher before she went home to be with the Lord. She fought the battle with cancer, and in the midst of this, wrote these beautiful words:

Yes, Lord! Yes and Amen!

"Can you trust Me, child?
Not only for ultimate eternity,
of which you know next to nothing,
and so are not tempted to meddle-
But for the little span of your life between
the Now and Then, where your envision
decline and separations and failures,
impairments, pain, bereavements, disappointments-
Do you find Me qualified to Lord of your last days?
Oh-yes, Lord! YES, Lord! Yes and amen!

Can you trust Me, child?
Not only to synchronize the unthinkable
intricacies of creation-
But to work together for the good the gravities
and tugs within your little orbit,
where your heart is pulled by needs
and lacks you wish, but are destitute, to fill-
Do you find My resources adequate
to feed both the sparrow and you?
Oh-yes, Lord! YES, Lord! Yes and amen!

Can you trust Me, child?
Not only for the oversight of nations
and creations not of this world-
But for those beloved ones I committed
to you and you committed to Me-
Do you believe Me trustworthy to perform
the good work begun in them
until the Day of Jesus Christ?
Oh- yes, Lord! YES, Lord! Yes and amen!"

-pg. 204-205, Surrender by Nancy Leigh DeMoss


Anonymous said...

Sarah, I LOVE this! Surrending to trust - I pray this for you, for David, for me, for us all. We'll keep trusting dear - good things will come. Love you, Patty

Treasures Evermore said...

What a beautiful poem...and yes, I too am prone to worry of all kinds of things. Just look at my blog...I worry what people think. {smile}. Need to give that over to God, that's for sure!

Thanks for sharing this...and THANK YOU for always coming over and reading my blog and leaving such encouraging comments. They are sweetness to my soul.

BTW: What a great idea about the memory stick...never ever thought of that. Will mention it to my husband.

Praying for you and your family.