Monday, January 2, 2012

Our Heart is Filled With Thankfulness

We are home.

And full of so many emotions.

After a long 8 months of not seeing our oldest, we were able to see "Hoss".

It was a good feeling putting my arms around him. There was lots of conversation and restoration. We praise God for this.

God still must work and we are trusting Him to accomplish this. We are on our knees daily surrendering our son to Him. Salvation is of the Lord! We pray for this.

One word to sum up this visit was realness...if that is a word. "Hoss" came out and was honest and truthful about all that has happened and the games that were played in the past. Though we wanted to hear that God has saved him and changed him, we are thankful that he was honest. We would must rather have a great relationship with an unsaved son, than have a mediocre relationship with a Pharisee.

So, friends, we ask for your prayers regarding the following:

1. Salvation to "Hoss"; surrender from him.
2. When April arrives we have some decisions regarding financial and placement.
3. The many emotions for the rest of us, especially the children. They all miss him and struggle with coming back from seeing him.
4. God to continue to work in our lives to conform us to His image through this trial.


Small Town Joy: said...

Praise the Lord! I will continue to pray, but it sure does my heart good to see the Lord working!

Treasures Evermore said...

What a beautiful family...I just weep at what you all have been through. Know friend that I will continue to pray for everything you have listed.

Many hugs,

BARBIE said...

How wonderful to open your blog today and see pictures of Hoss. I am continuing to pray that His heart is given to the Lord, and for complete restoration!

Anonymous said...

Praying along with you Sarah - for all of you. Love you, Patty