Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Life Cycle...Through the Eyes of a 5 Year Old

Yesterday, the last day of summer before school started, my girls and I were having our daily "book fix".

They each bring a pile of library books to my bed and we enjoy reading together. As their heads rest on my shoulders, I pause to muse that this will not last forever.

There is usually a vast difference in the subject matter of the books.

Insects, bugs, anything animalia. ("Inger's choice)


Books with beautiful pictures whether true or fiction. ("Marie's" choice)

My little "Inger" is my animal lover. As we stopped to read a book about vesperids (snakes with poison and pits) we found out they eat frogs. "Inger" stopped me and informed me that is good because frogs eat butterflies. And we DON'T want butterflies eaten. Little did she know she was reporting on the life cycle of the insect world.

"Marie" endures and waits eagerly for her next pick.

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Margaret said...

I love that Sarah! And you are so right, it does not last forever, however they will always be your little girls, and you will discover other ways to have that closeness as they grow and mature into beautiful young ladies, just like their Mommy! xoxxo