Monday, August 1, 2011


Inspiring, convicting and culture-defying. These words describe the book I have just finished reading.

Courageous, written by Randy Alcorn, has far surpassed my expectations. This story follows four police officers and one friend as they attempt to balance job, family and God. As our culture has screamed out to men that it is o.k. to be passive and selfish, Courageous screams out, "Men, you must fight what you feel and step up to be the shepherds of your household."

This book is one that makes you feel that you are a part of the story. It weaves in culturally relevant teen issues. Randy has done a good job of showing that nothing apart from Christ will bring satisfaction, including a job that has its thrills. Jesus Christ is shown as the Supreme healer and also, Lord. The only and One Lord.

For those who have seen Fireproof, The Movie, you will be glad to know that Caleb and Katherine Holt are a part of this feature as well. After reading this book, I will be definitely finding time to view the movie.

Another great novel by Randy Alcorn.

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