Sunday, July 31, 2011

Chocolate Comes in All Colors

My oldest daughter, "Marie", asked me this week if "Hoss" is mad at her. I am so sad to think she even ponders this.

As I explained where his anger is aimed, our conversation meandered over to her own adoption. The questions came quickly.

"Did my birth mom love me?" "Could she really not take care of me?" "Do I have other brothers and sisters?" "Did she know Jesus?"

So, for the first time I told how her BM was trying to find peace in all the wrong things: alcohol, drugs, etc. She told me that scared her.

But then I was able to bring her around to how grateful I am that Jesus handpicked her for our own. How she wouldn't have heard about Jesus. Providentially, we are reading, Dori, A Girl Nobody Loved. I was able to remind her of this and how her life could have been so different. She pondered. She was trusting.

We talked about the different shades of color that our family represented. She wanted to know what colors each of the birth parents were for her family.

Together we came up with this list:
"Hoss" and "Marie": milk chocolate
"Little Joe": Dark Chocolate
"Inger": Dark Chocolate with nuts (gotta love it)
Daddy: Chocolate swirled with caramel

She looked me straight in the face and said, "You are white chocolate, Mommy."

And this I am proud to be.


Joy: said...

I love this post. My heart often ponders what I will say in the conversation that is sure to come. I especially like the one "with nuts!"

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post Sarah. "Marie" is such a precious girl. I can't tell you what a privilege it was for me to spend time with you and the kids when you all were here. Each one of those precious children were a delight - each so unique, so pleasant, so well-mannered, so fun, so blessed to be given to you and David. Love to you all, Patty

Clay in His Hands said...

Oh, Sarah--I LOVE this! I love you. :-)

Dorothy said...

Just so beautiful - like your precious family!