Saturday, July 30, 2011

Unanswered Questions????

You ask me, "Why?"

I don't have an answer that will fill your anxious heart.

You tell me, "I want to know. I want to know now."

I say, "You won't believe me."

I say, "You must trust me as your mom."

"Hoss" continues to hurt and be full of anger at the unknown, unanswered questions.

I continue to hurt and question whether the first 11 years of his life mattered.

Deep down inside I know the truth. The battle remains. Can't we fast-forward 4 years? Wouldn't that make things easier? I have questions, too, son.

But I turn to the One who holds all the answers to life. I trust.


Jane said...

Hear ya;praying.

Joy: said...

Bless your heart, and his. God is working. He is chipping away at the miry coat of questions and lies and hurt. This is no surprise to God and He intends to use it for good. Keep praying!


BARBIE said...

You and Hoss are in my thoughts and prayers. Asking God to quiet the confusion and bring peace.

Anonymous said...

I'm trusting with you my dear friend. I love you. Patty