Monday, July 11, 2011

Bringin' It Down

"Hoss" was involved in the July Fourth rodeo at Agape Boarding School. My strong boy did amazing. Bringin' that steer down in 1.5 seconds. That steer didn't have a chance with my big boy wrestling him down to the ground.

(Scroll down to 2 min. 23 sec. to see him.)


Joy: said...

Oh I see some good character building going on here!

runraerun said...
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rachel said...

We all watched Hoss and we loved it! Thinking about you today. I haven't checked the weather for tomorrow....hopefully nothing like today. :)

Jane said...

GO, "Hoss"!!!

Dianne said...

Oh, I am loving this and yes I agree with Joy--this looks very much "character building."

One of my sons rode a bull one time (out of the clear blue) and it still scares me to death to think of it--Boy, that takes a lot of courage to tackle a steer but just think of the lessons God can teach Hoss through this--

I pray for him today that he will grow and mature in his relationship with the Lord and know that he can whip any "steer" that comes in to his life.