Friday, April 15, 2011

What If???

we no longer had the written Word of God at our disposal?

we were banned from loudly proclaiming the Good News?

there was no possibility to hear preaching that encouraged?

As my sister and I were reciting our weekly Bible memory work to each other today, these questions surfaced. We have finished the first 3 chapters of James, and as we reviewed the second chapter today, which is a tongue twister....lots of faiths and works....she reminded me that the reason we do this is to get the Word in our mind, not to get all the wording just so.

For if we did have all our freedoms stripped, we would still have the "Word implanted, which is able to save our souls."

Bible Memory can seem tedious at times, but is so important to renewing our mind.

What are you memorizing? If not anything, I encourage you to do so.

1 comment:

Mrs. Stam said...

I love memorizing scripture! to hide then in my heart where no one can take them away!

I like how you presented the topic, It also reminded me about the verse of the fruits of the spirit "that there is no law against it" :-)