Thursday, April 14, 2011

Book Review

As a mother of teen boys, I am always looking for good, wholesome, adventurous reading material. And as an avid reader myself, I enjoy a good book too.

But I must say, I am disappointed in the recent emphasis in books for teens in our culture. As part of a couple of book review blog networks I thought I'd engage in my first teen book review.

G.P. Taylor has written The Dopple Ganger Chronicles. "The First Escape" entices you to continue the journey after the first page. There were more negatives than positives for me in this book.

The visual distinctives of this book are amazing. The author combines color, font, and writing styles to produce a book that will keep any child or teen interested. He incorporates normal narrative with comics. The layout is incredible.

But this does not diminish the darkness of this book. It reminded me a little of a twisted version of the classic, "Oliver". Saskia and Sadie are twins who live in a disgusting and dilapitated orphanage. The people who run it are evil and are doing everything possible to make the lives of the children miserable. Though there is good and evil fighting against each other, the overwhelming feeling as I read it was evil.

This is not a book I would feel comfortable with my children reading.

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Treasures Evermore said...

I am totally with you on that....I am finding it almost impossible to find good wholesome and exciting books for boys. I think boys are less inclined to sit and read...and then with the fact there isn't much, makes it more difficult for me to engage them in the love of reading.

Thanks for this review.