Monday, August 16, 2010

God is Very Near

...and yet there are so many times, He seems so very far.

The last year has been such a lonely road and yet, one that I have learned so much from my Heavenly Father.

So many days I cry out to Him wondering if He is tired of hearing the same prayer and feeling the same tears that seem to never dry up. The tears come mostly when I am listening for Him in His Word and speaking to Him in the early hours. The tears just keep coming. I know the
bottle must be almost filled up by now.

Is this all part of healing?

Healing for this wounded heart seems like forever. But I know my Jesus holds me close and will not let me go.

My best friend, lover and provider reminds me of this as he holds me and lets me cry
once again.


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Barbie said...

God never tires of our prayers. He could hear the same petition over and over again and never tire of our voices crying out to Him. Fill up those bottles girl. There are plenty of them!

Anonymous said...

Sarah, Those tears are part of your healing - let them come when they need to come and fill the bottles as you need to. God isn't timing you. He understands your tremendous loss and pain. He knows you praise Him for the healing that has taken place and for the healing that will continually come. He knows you have placed your faith in Him. He has also placed His faith in you, and in your precious man.
I love you, Patty

Amy Brown said...

Sarah, I have been praying for you. It is so hard to grieve, especailly that first year. God is near, He is the good shepherd and is holding you close. I read a book by Elisabeth elliot, "A path through suffering' it was helpful. My prayers are with you.