Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Anne Bradstreet

Reading, Anne Bradstreet , by D.B. Kellogg, has been a journey of not just learning who she was as a person, but really, a lifelong lesson on the Puritan life as known in the time of the colonies.

Anne Bradstreet was a God-fearing woman, who endeavored to stand strong in the midst of a very volatile time in the beginnings of what is now, the United States of America.

She was a wonderful example of a Godly wife, as well as a nurturing mother. The Lord created her with the ability to write poetry in such a beautiful way. As I read this book, I was subtly encouraged to even try my hand at writing poetry too. She wrote of all things in life, from birth to death, from love to hate, from peace to war, from relationships of father to daughter, mother to son, and husband to wife. In the days of the Puritans, women did not have as many "rights" as they have now. That was both negative and positive. The amazing thing was that although she had hundreds and hundreds of poems that she wrote and penned on paper, she was not the instrument to have them published.

D.B. Kellogg has truly shown this saint in the humble state that she lived in. She lived out her beliefs amid others that may have believed but did not exemplify them in their lives. This book is a great resource to read to learn much about the Puritans way of life and system of beliefs as well as come to appreciate this dear beloved soul, Anne Bradstreet.

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Dianne said...

Your review really makes me want to read the poetry of Anne Bradstreet. Maybe I will do that today.

Concerning your post from yesterday: Yes, I agree with others that the tears are important for the healing. God sees, hears, knows, and cares about all of your struggles and burdens from the past year. He wants to carry them for you.