Monday, August 2, 2010

It's Here...Ready or Not!

Today is our first day of school. We are starting a tad early so more flexibility can happen throughout the school year.

In many ways I am ready. Schedule and discipline invigorate the body and soul.

In other ways I am not. My emotions can take over at times and my bed calls from afar and bids me to come and stay for the day. But this I must fight.

"Little Joe", "Marie", and "Inger" are ready. They are a privilege to teach. They bring much joy to each day.

This year we attempt a few new features:

~ a weekly nature walk and nature notebook

~ "Little Joe" is taking a science class taught by a wonderful Christian home school mom. This year it is General Science by Apologia.

~ "Inger" is starting kindergarten. She is elated.

~ Each morning we will have table time, which will include memory work (multiplication tables, Bible passages, catechism), praying for other countries using
Window on the World, and art.

Along with the joys, there are many remembrances that
"Hoss" is not with us again. We eagerly wait for his return. This will happen in time when the Lord sees fit.

For now we wait and pray.


Sandpiper said...

I hope your school tear goes well. We aren't starting quite yet. I've stopped by via the Gratitude Community. You have a lovely blog!

Stacey said...

How exciting! A new school year is always such a busy time, and full of high hopes. May God bless your homeschool, your students, your young one away from home, and of course, the teacher!