Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Linden Tree

The Puebla Ponderosa enjoys reading immensely. I usually read an out-loud read during lunch time. I randomly picked the most current book off of my library shelf. I noticed it was labeled "historical fiction". Looked good. Sounded interesting. I think the Lord had other plans in using this book.

The Linden Tree takes place in Iowa in 1948. Katy Sue's mother has died from meningitis. She is buried underneath a linden tree on the family's 80 acre farm. This story is the journey that takes place afterwards as she works through this hole in her heart. I had no idea how this gentle story would be used in our lives.

As I read through the first chapter, my heart felt like it was in my throat. At once I could not see the words. Everything was a blur and the water poured forth from my eyes. I closed the book intending to explain to my children that we couldn't read this right now. But, there was a soft and gentle prodding in my soul that led me to believe otherwise.

We were able to finish the first chapter. I looked up at my precious lambs and said, "This book will be good for us. Mommy needs to still work through her grief, and you need to know it is o.k. to cry."

littlest boy has a hard time talking through things and has not cried over the death of his ,Gran.

I thought, "hearing Katy Sue work through her grief will probably we helpful to 'Little Joe'".

And helpful to me. You see, she is a lot like me. She stays busy and tries not to think about the pain of losing her mom. For when she lets the thoughts that are pursuing her catch up, she loses her breath. This is where I find myself too often.

But I know this thing of grief is a process.

I have been able to cry, laugh and thankfully keep reading
The Linden Tree.

I have a friend that she does not have, though. His name is Jesus, the ultimate healer.


Anonymous said...

Sarah, This is so awesome to see once again how God works. He chose yesterday as the day for you to begin reading this book. He's always at work. I'm sure there will be healing for you and your little man and all of those at the Puebla Ponderosa. You're always in my prayers. Love you, Patty

Clay in His Hands said...

Sweet Sarah,

Your honesty is so refreshing, and God is using this blog to help you continue to process your grief. I feel confident that your Father--with your mom right beside Him--is comforting you daily through these "coincidences." I love you. Linds