Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Less Sleep, Much Less Sleep

Parenting is the hardest job on earth. To do a half-way decent job, self has to die away.

Early nights to sleep are bygone days. Early mornings must happen. I cry out to my Master for the strength to keep going.

Our older three arrows are very close in age. They are almost young people. They want to spend time with the aged ones in the house each night. This I treasure.

As my lover and I lay our heads down on the place of rest, our eyes demand closure, but we know, we must seek the One who gives endurance and strength for each day. We read this as our minds want to shut down.

We pray to our Almighty Father that He would make our arrows straight and strong, able to fly through the air hitting the bulls eye of pleasure in God.

We pray for perseverance and purity.

We thank God for the work He has done in our lives and beg Him to do the same in our children.

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Stacey said...

Your children are so blessed to have you both as parents! It is SO important to start and end each day with God, isn't it? He will indeed provide you with strength... but I am sure you are weary by the day's end.