Monday, July 19, 2010

The Cure

Grumpy. Complaining. Discontent. Aggravation. Nonsatisfaction. Emptiness. Lack of Joy.

We have all felt these emotions as one time or another.

Are we justified as children of God to give in to these?

The cure for the wounded spirit is thankfulness.

You say, "Thanksgiving in the midst of MY trial is impossible!"

I say, "No, It is not!"

The death of my beloved mom has gripped my soul in a way I have never felt before. BUT, I can say, "It is well with my soul, because I have my Savior."

"Hoss" is far from me right now, BUT I can tell my God, "I trust you, for you know what is best for me and my precious son."

Joy. Contentment. Peace. Providential Provision. Thankfulness. Satisfaction. Calmness. Composure. Harmony.

I trust you, Lord.


Stacey said...

Your bold witness is an inspiration. Good for you, and God IS good! All the time!

Dianne said...

A post full of truth! To have the privilege of filling the worldwide web with truth is an awesome privilege and responsibility and you have done it with such grace and love.

Your home-schooling plans make me want to go back to school.

Praying for Hoss and all your other sheep.

Love in Christ,

Barbie said...

Thankful that it is well with your soul. Praying for Hoss and for you!