Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hopes, Dreams and Lots of Plans

Today I am spending the majority of my day planning the upcoming school year. Schedules, books, ideas all invade my mind. But I have started this teacher's planning day on my knees. For I know nothing I do will be good enough. I want and need wisdom from above.

Books surround me; my pencil is busy writing in details for each week.

My prayer is that the details would not crowd out my longing to shepherd each of my children's hearts.

"Little Joe" is turning the corner into 7th grade.
"Marie" struggles daily in school, but is making strides.
"Inger" enters kindergarten this year and has all the joys that comes with that.

One column is empty. As empty as that place in my heart. "Hoss", I can only teach from afar through letters and encouragement.

"Mr. Cartwright" offered to take the children here today.

The Classical music is playing filling my ears with energy to focus on the task before me....

I am reading Karen Andreola's book, A Charlotte Mason Companion. This book will also help guide me to use each and every opportunity we have this year in life to learn.

And I am praying and meditating on what the Lord would have for me to do.


Anonymous said...

Your family is SO blessed.
Love you, Patty

Stacey said...

Lithia Springs! I love that place!

You are an inspiration with your prayer-filled planning. God will bless you richly, I am sure. Your little ones are already so blessed to have you and your husband. And Charlotte Mason is wonderful, isn't she? All the best for your school year planning. It's exciting!