Thursday, June 10, 2010

Seeing God's Faithfulness

Today, I took sometime to read some emails in my inbox folder labeled, "Hoss". These were notes that many friends and family had written to us during the time last summer that "Hoss" was unwise and wrestling within and outside of himself which brought him to where is now resides. Agape Boys Ranch.

As I read them, all sort of emotions came into my heart. Gratefulness. Fear. Anxiety of the Unknown. Thanksgiving. Love. Determination. Uncertainty. Any many more.

But the over arching theme was the love of my fellow brothers and sisters as they spiritually and physically supported (and still support) our family through that tremendous trial.

As I read over the prayers written to us during those months, I realized just how much God has done in our lives and "Hoss"' life since last August.

There was a prayer for reconciliation...this has begun.

There were many prayers for his salvation. He has committed his life to Christ.

We pleaded with our Lord for repentance and restoration. Our precious son knows our love for him and most of all, His savior's love for him. He has repented. Praise God for the work that He is accomplishing in "Hoss"' life.

This Adoption Mama sure misses her boy. But I thank my Jesus for loving me enough to grow me and change me. I pray my boy will grow to be a strong and mighty man for his Master.


Barbie said...

I am thankful you got to reflect on what the Lord has done in your son's life through the prayers of many. I am thankful that the Lord has begun reconciliation and that Hoss has given his life to the L

Stacey said...

What a joy to be able to look back and see answered prayer. We continue to keep you and yours in our prayers, and it is a privilege to do so.

Thank you for your kind and generous words to me, as well. It all means so much, and makes the hard times that much easier.

Blessings to you all!