Wednesday, June 9, 2010

One of My Heroines...and Mom's, too!

Last night, the "Cartwrights" watched The Hiding Place. This is one of my favorite movies. The life of the Ten Boom family is a masterpiece of what every believer's life should look like.

The Ten Booms were a Dutch family living during the times of Adolf Hitler. The Nazis had taken Holland and were ravaging Harlem, where the Corrie, Betsy, and their father lived. They were a Christian family who used their storefront as a cover for hiding Jews. The scene in the movie that moved me more than any other was the self sacrifice that the Ten Booms showed.

As they were being put into the truck and taken to the concentration camp, there were many Jews still hidden in the Ten Booms home.

Corrie, Betsy and their Father gave their lives for the Jews, out of love for their Savior. They could have easily stopped, confessed and continued on their easy lives, compared to the Jews. Mr. Ten Boom even went as far as standing in line for his "star" even though he wasn't even a Jew.

Betsy and Father died in the concentration camp, but the Lord spared Corrie's life, so she could continue to minister for His name.

Corrie Ten Boom became a Beacon of Light for many years, leading many to the Lord. She has written many books, which my mom made part of her library as she grew in her love for the Lord. In the last few months of Mom's life, she had Corrie's books next to her and read them over and over again.

Corrie Ten Boom was one of the people Mom wanted to meet when she got to heaven.

God's power and love is the only thing that can allow one human to give their life for another. This is what Christ did for us...

Are you living the life of a blood bought child of God?

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Stacey said...

I remember first reading "The Hiding Place," when I was quite young and in school. It really moved me and affected me for the long-term. A wonderful post, reminding us what it means to lay down your life for your Saviour. Thanks!