Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sharing a Special Birthday

I find it so interesting, but not coincidental that our Mother wren became a mommy today. Five little baby birds hatched from their eggs this morning.

This same morning that my dear Mother would have celebrated hers.

This is just like our wonderful Maker. He again has reminded me through these precious little, yet scrawny creatures that He takes care of His Own.

I am this...His child, His Daughter. I have a Wonderful Maker and Protector. I find myself motherless, but I belong to the One who adopted me and made me His Own.

One more thing....normally a wren egg takes 14 days to hatch. Unbelievably, it took these eggs 21 days....just a little hug from my Heavenly Father.


Anonymous said...

Oh Sarah, this is so beautiful - and so beautifully written by such a beautiful child of God. Love you, Patty

Esther said...

So glad you're seeing God speaking to you on a special day.

Dianne said...

Dear Sarah,
I can so identify with this post. The first Easter after after both my parents had died the year before, I walked through the living room and looked at a plant I had received from my mom's funeral. I had not noticed them the day before (I don't think they were there) but two lovely flowers were now in full bloom.

Yes, I think He speaks to us like this--Rejoicing with you in these new births!

Dianne said...

did you see your message from Boompa on the comments section of my post?