Sunday, May 2, 2010

There is a time to live and a time to die....

These words are taken from the book of Ecclesiastes.

They speak volumes into my life right now. Since the home-going of mom, I have been focused on the second half of this verse.

But I do find myself living in spring and new life is all around us. The irony is that as mom went to her eternal home, her REAL life started. Although, her life ended here, the life she so looked forward to is just beginning.

There were so many beautiful flowers budding in Tennessee as I took care of mom.

When we arrived home from Tennessee we had a pleasant surprise from a mother wren. She made a nest in a plant near our front door. We have had the privilege of watching her flitter and fly to and from the nest as she laid 5 eggs in her little home. She is the perfect picture of motherhood...again bringing my mind back to my gentle mother.

Spring is definitely the season of new birth, not just the physical birth here on earth. This spring became the season of new birth for my precious mother. Because of her coming to a second birth here on earth, she is now experiencing the incomparible joy of new life.

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Stacey said...

All that you say is so true. We cannot begin to comprehend what we know in our minds and hearts is true. Anything we conceive of is just a little glimmer of the glory that is our real life and new beginning with Christ!