Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mom!

I so badly want to call my mom today to sing Happy Birthday. Today, she would have turned 63 years old. But instead...

Mom is celebrating new life where she will never grow old.

I miss her so much.


Dianne said...

Dearest, dearest Adoption Mama,

You are in my thoughts today and I will be praying especially for you throughout the day.

My mom was my best friend and while I had her until she was 77, it was still the hardest thing I've ever done--adjusting to life without her.

She has been gone 12 years and just the other day, the thought went through my mind, "Call Mother." I will never get over missing her although it has gotten easier with time.

Praying that true rest is yours today.


Barbie said...

I am so sorry my sweet friend. Praying for you. I cannot imagine not having my mother here with me. May God wrap you up in His arms of love.