Friday, January 1, 2010

Together Again...for a few days

The "Cartwrights" were able to visit "Hoss" in Missouri over the holidays. We had a wonderful visit and are so thankful to the Lord for Agape Boys Ranch. "Hoss" is doing well and is learning many things. Not only were we able to see him, but we also saw snow; for some of us this was a first. Please continue to keep our first born in your prayers.

"Hoss" just turned 13 and is 6"1 wearing size 15 shoe. He looks content and happy. He knows deep down inside he is in a safe and good place.


aimee said...

My heart is with you and your son. My husband and I served on a boys ranch in Arkansas for several years as school teachers, and relief house parents.
I know how hard it is for you to have him there - I pray for swift, sure healing, that the Lord will return him home to you safe, secure, and healed.
Many blessings to you~
a fellow adoption mamma,

Robin said...

beautiful. wonderful. i love seeing pictures of him. His brother and sisters look so happy to be with him again! and mostly i am so glad he knows he's in a safe place. it will be a good environment for the seeds that have been planted to grow. i'm sure, deep down, that he knows he is deeply and powerfully loved- by you and his Heavenly Father! Love to you, my friend!