Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day Two ~ Temptation and Fall of Man

Total Depravity....if you have ever had children in your home at anytime and at any age (even those cute little ones) you never question that every human is born into sin. From the moment of birth their thoughts are only of themselves....they have to be taught to think about others.

Genesis 3 was our focus of the Jesse Tree tonight. The reminder of destruction of sin and evil was evident. As a believer, that reminder automatically brings to mind the redemption plan God the Father already put into motion at the point of Adam and Eve's decision to rebel.

But the reminder of the need of Jesus in others lives comes to the forefront as well.

As a child of God I have been given the ability to conquer temptation and sin. AND, when I choose to sin even though I know it is wrong...the sound of mallet against nail should penetrate my conscience.

Sin, direct and indirect rebellion against God: horrid!
God's amazing redemption and forgiveness: beautiful!

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