Friday, November 20, 2009


There are many tears this week. I think to myself,"When will the tears stop?" They seem so close to the edge that most times I don't have to think much more than a second about him and the saltiness appears on my cheeks. Please pray for him too. Life seems so empty many days.

Lord, please fill it with you and help me to attempt to serve others. I know this is the cure. Thanks to a friend who has helped me by giving me these thoughts to think on:

Thank God you were able to get him in a good Godly place.
Thank God that he is getting the help that he needs.
Thank God that he never committed suicide.
Thank God he never really harmed himself or anyone else physically.
Thank God he has admitted some things, even if it has only been to others.
Thank God you'll get to see him in a few more weeks.
Thank God he is not getting in trouble while away.
Focus on the positive things of him being where he is.

I pray one day the tears will flow with rejoicing over this one coming to the Savior.

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Heather of S-A-M said...

tender words.

Scribbling Thanks,