Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Very Important Phone Conversation

Close your eyes and imagine.
Feel the emotion of anticipation as you gather your family around the telephone to talk to someone very close to you that you have not talked to in a long time.

It has been 9 weeks since "Little Joe", "Inger" and "Marie" have talked to their big brother, "Hoss". Well, they got the chance last night.

The Puebla family were all huddled around the speaker phone on "Mr. and Mrs. Cartwright's" bed. Waiting and waiting and waiting for "Hoss" to come to the phone. Then came the deep voice, even deeper than 9 weeks ago. "Inger" who talks about "Hoss" the most had her lips to the phone as if she could touch the one she missed so much.

"What's for dinner?" she asks. "Ribs", he replies, "now I am having a cherry cake." Just one little question with an answer that I bet she'll remember forever.

"Marie" says hello. "Hoss" thanks her for the pictures; pictures that she and "Inger" paint and draw almost daily.

'Little Joe' says "Hi, 'Hoss'". "Hoss" congratulates him on his place in band. I hope "Little Joe" will sleep soundly tonight.

"Hoss" tells us all about his rodeo week and the thrill (especially to boys) of seeing other boys thrown from the bulls.

The 3 children say good bye and leave the room. "Mr. and Mrs. Cartwright" express their love and say good bye.

The tears flow and the prayers are uttered for redemption.

Thank you, Lord, that though "Hoss" is hundreds of miles from home he is in the palm of your hand. Thank you for the work you have begun in his life. Protect and keep him.

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