Saturday, October 3, 2009

Missing "Hoss"

My wonderful husband and I were talking about "Hoss". Needless to say, this happens often. (Please see past posts) We find ourselves on our knees more than we have ever been but , oh, this is so good. We believe great things from our great God! Though we find ourselves in the midst of the greatest trial of our lives, we find ourselves closer than we have ever been to the Lord. Just as I have spoken in the past of the refiner's fire; the fact remains: the more intense heat, the more the dross is brought to the surface, the more you feel the silversmith's presence. I know "Hoss" also feels the pain and separation. I pray that through this pain he will crawl into the shadow of the cross and see the open arms of his heavenly Father.

We adopted this precious boy, 12 years ago. Even the day of entrance into the Puebla Ponderosa was not without a fight. There was a change of mind. Then another one which finally brought our son to us at 5 weeks old. We believe God has wonderful things for "Hoss", but must first acquire his comittment and surrender. But we know God must open his eyes to that need. I ask that you pray for this, too. "Mr. Cartwright" and I believe and expect God to move. We don't presume. We acknowledge His perfect will and are willing to submit, yet believe that God loves our son and desires to see Him come to himself. We will be that persistent friend who knocks and knocks and knocks until there is an answer. And through that determination, we pray we will be made more like our Eternal Creator.

Do we really believe God hears our prayers and acts? Do you?

Remember, the mustard seed.....

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Robin said...

i think about him very often! i look forward to hearing that he is well in body, soul and spirit. love to you and continued prayers