Friday, October 2, 2009

The Thanksgiving Tree

So, you may say it is a little early to start thinking about Thanksgiving. I say, "Having children in the house, every day is an opportunity to talk about thanksgiving." Contentment and selflessness are always subjects being discussed at the Ponderosa. These things do not come naturally. These character qualities take hard work to instill; many times I'm looking in the mirror as I exhort my children in these areas. Every year around this time, I imagine spending all my "spare" time doing beautiful fall crafts with my children, helping them to focus on the themes of harvest, plenty and thanksgiving. Every year, I fall short. So this year, we are starting a bit early. I encourage each of you moms out there to plan ahead and come up with a creative way to inspire your children to tackle the heart of Thanksgiving. We are making a Thanksgiving Tree that we will add leaves to each day with the many things we have to be thankful for. As my children add their individual leaves I will post them here. I would love for you to write or leave a comment about what you have chosen to do this season to celebrate the gift of gratefulness.

"Mrs. Cartwright"- my wonderful hubby

"Little Joe"- The Bible

"Marie"- my sister

"Inger"- God

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Anonymous said...

Hey Sis - I love your idea and am copying it. We are going to do a Thankfulness tree too. I hope to make it this week. Thanks for the idea. Love you and praying for you always, Jen