Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Loving our Teens

The "Teen" Years; this is a title the world has given to our teens. I would prefer to see this as the 1st level of adulthood. This phase in our childrens' lives is a difficult one, yet vitally important time in their lives. Their minds and bodies tell them that they are adults and yet they have not even scratched the surface in knowledge of life experiences. They do not realize cause and effect completely either. Most importantly, in the grand scheme of spiritual things, they have only begun to drink this in. This is why they still have parents. The ironic thing is so many times they don't think they need them.


I am just beginning to understand how vital this time in our lives is as well. This is a time when sanctification means a whole new thing; when our sin is exposed in a whole new way; when humility needs to be exemplified continually.


This blog has been very encouraging during those days of "Productive Conflict":)

We as parents were once where our children are and we must not forget to "remember" those days. Most of all I encourage all of you who are parents of "pre-adults" to be in prayer, really intereceding, for our precious "big" ones.


sarahdodson said...

I like this. Although our children are still pretty young (3,1) I do hear moms/dads talking about this. I'm seeing that there are challenges at every stage in life. Thankfully, we have a Great God who helps us every day:)

Robin said...

I've never heard of the teens referred to as young adults but I see that this is true. It is also true about the issues of cause and effect. There are so many ways they still need structure and teaching about consequences. And for me, teaching them these things, when they think they are above them and don't need this information, is an act of faith and obedience as their parent. I have to teach. And I have to still say "no" although I do so a lot less frequently since they are at the age when they need to keep learning that mistakes do have negative consequences. It is hard for me to say no to them. But I realize that if I don't I am actually harming them. But I consider it a privilege to be the parent of teenagers. This has been my favorite phase of growth!