Friday, May 15, 2009

Our Precious Daughter

Our dear "Inger",

You are becoming such a beautiful young lady, inside and out. There are so many things you have yet to learn, but we are just amazed at how our Heavenly Father has granted you more than any dr. ever said you could.

We had the privilege of seeing you at your spring piano recital last night. You did such a wonderful job. Your dad and I just sat back in awe of your ability to play the pieces you did. With God's help you have defied all the outlooks that the doctors had for you. We thank Jesus every day for his gift of you to us.

You have such a gentle spirit and willingness to help out. You have determination that exceeds anybody else in this family. Keep striving for more! Keep looking to Jesus to help you accomplish things for His glory.

Lord, Thank you for blessing this family.

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